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NeuIntention Health & Wellness
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by Stephanie R on NeuIntention Health & Wellness
Unlike Any

In a good way. I've been working with Nathan for about 8 weeks now. After years of mis-information and injury from other fitness "experts", I was thrilled to find Nathan and Neuintention. The program focuses on not only the physical, but mental and spiritual elements of wellness too. Working with the Neuintention team is helping me correct years of improper training techniques, and focus on a blend of function and mobility versus just lifting heavy. The amazing thing is, I feel better than I ever have and I'm seeing the results too. Highly recommend the Neuintention team!

by Erin H on NeuIntention Health & Wellness
Animal flow

Tried my first Animal Flow class with Nathan. I was a bit nervous but Nathan's awareness of everyone in the class put me at ease. He was very thorough in explaining each movement and took the time to watch all of us. I appreciated his corrections/adjustments as well as his genuine excitement.

by Billy Seitz on NeuIntention Health & Wellness

I found out about Nathan through my work and I told him what was wrong with me and he told me to come in for an assessment so he can figure out what he can do to help me. When I went in for my assessment, it was very detailed what he did and found out more than what I thought was wrong with me. Nathan is very in depth with what he does and explained everything to the fine detail. I am more than excited to come back and work with Nathan 1-on-1! I highly recommend Neulntention! My mind is blown away with what I thought I knew about my body and myself! Definitely go and check them out!!

by JP Tatum, Human Optimization & Rehabilitation on NeuIntention Health & Wellness

When I walked in the door I had significant pain in my left knee...pain in my right shoulder and no mobility in my ankles. I couldn’t even do a Squat! For the first time in a decade I did 12 squats effortlessly and WITHOUT pain. Who ever thinks they have so much pain in their body because of immobile or inflexible ankles and knees which affect hips and a host of other stuff I learned today. I left feeling 6’2 and I had no pain anywhere. I’m truly amazed. I don’t know anyone else that can do what Nathan does and with as much heart as he puts into it. Thank you my man. I’m truly grateful. My son thanks you! Because of you I know I’ll be able to play Basketball again at 100% in no time.

by Kurt Brown, PGA, Human Optimization & Rehabilitation on NeuIntention Health & Wellness

I have nothing but incredible things to say about Nathan! He has taught me so much about human movement. Which has helped me move and feel better in a short period of time. He's also done the same to a lot of my golf clients, which has been HUGE for their games.

Nathan makes it simple because he understands diagnostics. He's able to take the information you give him from your pain and find were it's truly coming from, so he fixes the problem at the source.

If you are looking to improve your movement, strength, and overall well being... go see Nathan!

by Mimi , On-Site Coaching & Online Coaching on NeuIntention Health & Wellness

My name is Mimi and I live in Scottsdale, AZ. I am a licensed nurse and also a Reiki practitioner and I have been working with Nathan since March, 2017. I had been strength training for about a year and a half before reaching out to Nathan. I felt like I was working hard but was not seeing results.  I had also heard from my trainer at the the time that Nathan was very good and worked with his clients in doing some corrective work as well as teaching them correct nutrition.

I have learned so much from training with Nathan. Not only has by physique changed but my nutrition as well. He has taught me how important nutrition is in seeing and feeling results. I have more energy, stamina and increased motivation from seeing/feeling these positive changes since I started with him 15 months ago.

I was able to compete in my first bikini fitness competition at age 53! He has helped me with sculpting my body (and mind). Competing in a bikini competition has been a long time goal of mine but didn't think it was possible given my age and body composition.

I would absolutely recommend Nathan and NeuIntention Health and Wellness! I have already recommended to Nathan to a number of friends who also had not been seeing results!

by Danni,On-Site Coaching on NeuIntention Health & Wellness
Very Good

Having Nathan in my life has been life changing (truly) and I've never met anyone who is as dedicated and knowledgeable as he is within the health and fitness industry. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in human movement and training, but he also has a deep understanding of nutrition and mindset and is constantly using all 3 methods to help each client reach their unique goals. I was experiencing sciatic pain for about a year due to over training - which, of course, I was unaware that I was over training at the time. Not only did Nathan give me the tools I needed to resolve my nerve pain, but he helped lower my body's inflammatory response and I lost 10 pounds as a bonus. Winner!!!

Nathan has helped me in ways when I was completely unaware that I even needed help, and I think everyone else who has worked with him would say the same. He is someone who cares, who listens, and knows when to push people and when to meet them in the middle. He is able to get people results because he critically assesses, identifies broken links and knows exactly what to do and say to get your body and mind moving as one unit again. If you're looking to add quality to your life, Nathan would be the one to add. I would highly recommend checking out his Instagram and reading the success stories of other clients. You can't help but smile!

by Cory,Online Coaching on NeuIntention Health & Wellness
Very Good

Nate is THE golden standard of excellence, a fortress of fitness knowledge that continues to grow, a true enthusiast and entrepreneur for the simple fact that he adds VALUE to each and every client.

His extensive mental capacity of fitness knowledge continues to amaze me each and every day. I was the classic over trainer that thought I needed to workout 5-6 days a week to make improvements. I tried many online workout routines, diets, and cardio regimens only resulting in small changes. I have been working with Nate since November of 2017 and my transformation has been impressive to say the least.

Prior to working with Nate, I was the skinny tall guy that was about as mobile as a turtle on its back. Within the first few months, Nate was able to establish mobility and flexibility with his unique blend of functional movement exercises. Once this phase was complete, I was able to stack on the mass. In the past 6 months using the correct diet and workouts, I have put on 20lbs of lean mass and increased my numbers beyond anything I could have anticipated. The most impressive part of all, I did not touch a barbell or bench press for months during the early stages of training. My results were achieved by trusting Nates knowledge and correctly performing the exercises. What I enjoy most about Nate's training is that it continually evolves. Never are the workouts too monotonous or not challenging enough.

Whether your goals are big or small, Nate is able to customize a program with will ensure you achieve whatever it is you set out to do. Forget about the bro-science, check your ego at the door, trust the exercises, and most important DO THE WORK.

Nate is not just another personal trainer trying to carve out a name for himself. He is the standard that every trainer should be attempting to replicate.

by Matt on NeuIntention Health & Wellness
Very Good

Nathan was extremely helpful to me after I had spinal fusion surgery last year. His knowledge and understanding was pivotal in getting my programming just right to help me rebound from such a lengthy recovery and physical therapy process, and I started seeing results very quickly. I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone in need of assistance!

by Ralph,On-Site Coaching on NeuIntention Health & Wellness

My name is Ralph, I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm a managing partner and director with an insurance carrier in Phoenix, AZ. In my past life, I used to be an athlete who played football and competed in powerlifting but I though my heavy lifting days were over after a serious back injury in 2010. I went from deadlifting 660 pounds to barely being able to pick up the bar. In the years since my injury I never fully recovered due to the constant dull pain in my back which hindered my ability to load on the weight I used to lift. After numerous other injuries where my sciatic nerve would get pinched and limit my mobility, I decided to finally do something - I met with Nathan. I realized quickly after my evaluation that I've been compensating for my pain by using incorrect form and posture for virtually all exercises which only further exacerbated my lower back issues. For almost 8 years I avoided squatting and deadlifting from the floor due to the immense pain in my sciatic nerve. After 2 months of training I can finally squat, deadlift and generally move better than I have since my high school days. I have been making consistent progress  week to week where I finally feel HEALTHY again. It's only been 2 months but I can say with confidence that I am on the right track and look forward to being overall stronger than I've ever been.

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