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NeuIntention Health & Wellness
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 19 reviews
 by Chad

Nathan always brings through the realest and most potent exercise and human interaction. Cannot wait to do more work with him

 by Jessica
Instant difference

After my first session with Nathan I felt so much relief in my hips and he really helped to shine light on where it was coming from! He is very knowledgeable! I am someone who works with the human body everyday but it’s easy to forget about the mind body connection applies to you as well! He helped me to feel even more connected to my body then I already was!

 by Daisy Hanks
Ended with the biggest grin on my face!

Nathan helped me with my hip mobility to relieve the pinch I felt. He was very professional and personal, made sure I felt safe and comfortable. He also challenged me and explained things simply! He left me with some exercises to do at home and I left feeling much better!

 by Christina Roque
Tech Mom needed to get moving again.

Working with Nathan has been an eye opening and rewarding experience. When I started following Nathan years ago on Instagram I grew interested in his process. He was working with some of my mentors helping them to move more efficiently and sharing a lot of the knowledge (for FREE) online.

Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic. I was ready to travel and grow the family small business which depends wholly on the health and wellness space. Going from being a super active, goal oriented person to a still, stagnate, depressed individual. Along with that came some serious pain trauma. When I was ready to get moving again to try and get out of the funk I PHYSICALLY could not.

I reached out to Nathan and he got me set up right away, went above and beyond with his support and really put in the effort to focus on what I needed most. He worked with me and before I knew it my shoulder and ankles were back to moving freely and pain free. He was thorough in explaining what my goals would be and how to achieve them through his program.

Mind you he was able to work with me and clearly explain everything REMOTELY as I live in Florida and he lives in Arizona.

I highly recommend working with Nathan, more so now as he is delving into some deeper practices that he is implementing with his clients. Working with someone like Nathan who is still hungry to learn and grow himself is unparalleled. I hope to continue learning from him in the future as well. Double thumbs up. Love you dude!

 by Sierra Flores
Movement Optimization Session

I am blown away by Nathan's vast commitment and knowledge to understanding the human body and mind. I am beyond impressed with his desire for peak optimization of the mind, body and soul connectedness for himself and his clients. His desire to help others discover their best selves even they have yet to meet by eliminating surface level solutions and going deep down to the root of the dysfunction in the body. I am fascinated by the precision and technique of his practice, the idea of pinpointing the point of inflammation and dysfunction in the body and nurturing that area back to pinnacle health. You would think all trainers had this goal in mind when taking on clients but clearly not. Pleased to see an expert who is committed to changing the training industry!

 by Hayden Steiner
Pain relief & top quality care

I have been seeing Nathan for about 2 weeks now and have known him for several months. I grew up a competitive athlete throughout college and have had several injuries. I lift often as well as practice yoga, HIIT training as well as Juijitsu. I have been struggling with pain in my neck and back for 3 weeks now limiting me from being able to do things around my office for work, kept me out of the gym, even depriving me of sleep lately. Chiropractors and other "experts" have been no help. Nathan walked me through what he would be doing with me during out appts. and gave thorough detail as to why he practiced and treated the way he did. He gave me practices to do at home and I was able to find some relief for the first time in weeks! Highly recommend Nathan and his services if you are looking for a valuable trainer and knowledgable insight.

 by Stephanie R
Unlike Any

In a good way. I've been working with Nathan for about 8 weeks now. After years of mis-information and injury from other fitness "experts", I was thrilled to find Nathan and Neuintention. The program focuses on not only the physical, but mental and spiritual elements of wellness too. Working with the Neuintention team is helping me correct years of improper training techniques, and focus on a blend of function and mobility versus just lifting heavy. The amazing thing is, I feel better than I ever have and I'm seeing the results too. Highly recommend the Neuintention team!

 by Erin H
Animal flow

Tried my first Animal Flow class with Nathan. I was a bit nervous but Nathan's awareness of everyone in the class put me at ease. He was very thorough in explaining each movement and took the time to watch all of us. I appreciated his corrections/adjustments as well as his genuine excitement.

 by Billy Seitz

I found out about Nathan through my work and I told him what was wrong with me and he told me to come in for an assessment so he can figure out what he can do to help me. When I went in for my assessment, it was very detailed what he did and found out more than what I thought was wrong with me. Nathan is very in depth with what he does and explained everything to the fine detail. I am more than excited to come back and work with Nathan 1-on-1! I highly recommend Neulntention! My mind is blown away with what I thought I knew about my body and myself! Definitely go and check them out!!

 by JP Tatum, Human Optimization & Rehabilitation

When I walked in the door I had significant pain in my left knee...pain in my right shoulder and no mobility in my ankles. I couldn’t even do a Squat! For the first time in a decade I did 12 squats effortlessly and WITHOUT pain. Who ever thinks they have so much pain in their body because of immobile or inflexible ankles and knees which affect hips and a host of other stuff I learned today. I left feeling 6’2 and I had no pain anywhere. I’m truly amazed. I don’t know anyone else that can do what Nathan does and with as much heart as he puts into it. Thank you my man. I’m truly grateful. My son thanks you! Because of you I know I’ll be able to play Basketball again at 100% in no time.

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