How to set realistic and measurable goals
October 26, 2018 LIFESTYLE // See All

When we set goals, we tend to shoot for the clouds in regards to our health and wellness. When we set goals we should use the SMART method to ensure we are setting ourselves up for success

The SMART method

S – Specific : provide a clear description of what needs to be achieved

M – Measurable : include a metric with a target that indicates success

A – Achievable : set a challenging target, but keep it realistic

R – Relevant : keep your goal consistent with higher-level goals

T – Timely : set a date for when the goal needs to be achieved

The SMART method will not only allow you to set a goal, but it will keep you accountable to that goal, knowing it is achievable

If you’re not setting goals, chances are that you are getting bored in your routine or you’re in your routine just to maintain whatever it is you have already worked for

If you can set a new SMART goal every time you complete the last, you’ll break through more than just your health and wellness goals. You’ll start to notice how now you’re crushing goals at work or in your business. Now you’re crushing goals in your relationship or in your marriage. How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING. That would feel great, am I right?


Nathan Kohlerman is the founder of NeuIntention Health and Wellness and has a strong background in health, wellness, fitness, and sports ranging from mixed martial arts, wrestling, football, and bodybuilding. After overcoming addiction, he served honorably in the United States Army for 5 1/2 years and achieved the rank of Sergeant. Being a 100% disabled veteran and having to struggle with years of improper guidance, Nathan made it his mission to empower others with the proper tools to live happier, healthier, more intentional lifestyles. His mission to educate, empower, and inspire others on how to live intentional and healthy lifestyles through mind, body, and soul practices redefine human optimization entirely.

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