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4 Reasons Why Oblique Sling Training Will Bring You Better Results

October 26, 2018 // FITNESS // See All

First, oblique sling exercise can be simply defined as exercise that transfers force through the trunk (core) to produce rotational movements in order to activate our anterior (front) and posterior (back) slings that run from opposite shoulder to opposite hip.…

How to set realistic and measurable goals

October 12, 2018 // LIFESTYLE // See All

When we set goals, we tend to shoot for the clouds in regards to our health and wellness. When we set goals we should use the SMART method to ensure we are setting ourselves up for success The SMART method…


Nathan Kohlerman is the founder of NeuIntention Health and Wellness and has a strong background in health, wellness, fitness, and sports ranging from mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, and functional strength training. Nathan is a 100% disabled veteran and has suffered years of his life due to countless injuries. After his last injury, Nathan set out to learn everything he possibly could about living a life without pain. NeuIntention Health and Wellness was born then, with a mission to empower others to live happier, more functional lifestyles - to live a pain free life and redefining human movement entirely.

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