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Muggle or Master? Which Side Will You Choose?

June 04, 202310 min read


"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

~ Socrates ~

On October 11th, 2022 - my mother died in a motorcycle accident where a driver who wasn’t paying attention (on the phone with her boyfriend) side-swiped my mom and sent her into oncoming traffic.

(take a deep breath)

The first rational thought I had after navigating the most intense emotions and deepest pain I have experienced in my life was:

If it weren’t for a lack of awareness, my mother might still be alive…

…and that thought has stuck with me for the last 8 months.

So after processing the available data since that incident, here we are.

Before I begin, I would first like to share with you my definitions of Masters & Muggles.


  • Masters are those rare gems of humanity who have successfully navigated the labyrinth of life, dug deep into their inner core, and come out with a clear sense of self-awareness. They're the ones who have transformed their pain into power, their traumas into teachings, and their hardships into wisdom. They don't just merely exist; they thrive. Masters are aware, awake, and truly alive. They acknowledge the shadows within them and have the courage to step into the light. Masters are not merely surviving; they're thriving, creating their reality, and playing the game of life at a level most can only dream of. They embody personal responsibility, deep compassion, and an unfuckwithable energy that is felt by all who cross their path.


  • Walking through life in a daze, these are the folks who are still “in the Matrix,” yet unaware of it. Like an unopened book collecting dust on a shelf, their full potential remains untapped, their awareness dormant. Muggles are sleepwalkers in the waking world, going through the motions of life without fully engaging in it. They exist in a state of ignorance - not in the pejorative sense of the word, but rather in a lack of awareness. Their consciousness is yet to be ignited, their journey of self-discovery still waiting in the wings. We're not here to judge them, but to observe, to understand, and to love them right where they are. After all, Masters are just recovering Muggles on our path to a greater purpose.

The lack of awareness nowadays frustrates me for a variety of reasons:

  1. I “lost” someone I love because someone didn’t have the awareness to look twice before turning.

  2. I remember what life was like when I was unaware and if only I knew before what resided on the other side, I would have made the change a long time ago and saved myself from years of pain and suffering.

  3. I see people being hurt every day (both intentionally and unintentionally) and if there was more awareness, consideration, and respect, the world might not look the way it does in certain ways (socioeconomic and politically speaking, mostly).

It doesn’t frustrate me due to a lack of patience or understanding, rather it stems more from the place in my heart where my deep hope for humanity lives.

What I mean by “deep hope for humanity” 👇

If people were more aware and empowered, human beings could potentially be free from the pain that has caused so much suffering in our world.

I care so much that I want to shake the shit out of the Muggles of the world who walk through the world while sleeping, bumping into everyone around them unintentionally.

(as well as shake the shit out of the ones who I’ve held responsible for my pain)

Now, I understand that the Law of Divine Oneness recognizes a baseline understanding for us to see that everyone is exactly where they’re at in life and that they are reflecting back the parts of ourselves that have been repressed, denied, or unloved…all so that we may come into contact with our compassionate nature.

It’s easy to point the finger at the things we dislike or disown.

But remember…

If you can spot it, you got it.

(because reality works as a two-way street through projections in reflections)

After all, Shame feeds the Shadow…

And when left unchecked,

It’s a crucial part of ourselves that we must come into contact with in order for our consciousness to evolve.

I explained about how consciousness evolves a few letters back (Link to Letter)

We are uniquely designed to construct flawed mental models. Such as :

  • False prophets who worship false gods

  • Illusions of separation that we place between ourselves and others

  • Systems that try to compartmentalize the vastness of the human experience

...and many more.

Once we unravel the adopted conditions, mental models, and confused consciousness, we then become our own masters of awareness.

So now back on the topic of Muggles…

…watching Muggles in the wild is like watching a hoard of zombies being mind-controlled by an Xbox in the hands of a 12 year old.

The fact that there are Muggles who still believe that COVID, mask mandates, and orchestrated events were very real things ASTOUNDS me.

  • COVID, being a lab-created compound that was released as a tool for controlling the masses (and population) that was 100% a PERCEIVED emergency, but not an ACTUAL emergency. When you move beyond opinion, do some research on your own, then observe the evidence, this is what you’ll find.

  • Mandating the wearing of masks in public (which I still see to this day) even after studies were published that those who wore them were inhaling TOXIC, LIFE-THREATENING chemicals.

  • Government-orchestrated events, like when “protestors” were seen on camera “storming” the capitol building (as the video shows them being escorted in), BLM riots (where there were videos showing vehicles supplying the throwing materials) that were initiated and staged by PAID PROFESSIONALS to ignite chaos.

  • and SO much more…

But when all of this 👆 was brought to the surface, the government goes,

“Look everybody, aliens are in the sky!”

Like what in the actual fuck…?

…and people are STILL drinking this Kool-Aid?

You would think that when the government says to look at the left hand, people would know now to either look at their right hand and take off the rose-colored glasses.


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

~ Carl. G. Jung ~

I’ll speak for myself when I say:


  2. When I find myself wanting to shake a Muggle, I look inside myself. I become curious. I ask more questions. I lead them to their own discovery. It is not my responsibility to rescue someone from their own rock bottoms - this is the path of a Master.

Just so you know, I’m moving through this thought process in real-time with you…so thanks for letting me share my VERY REAL raw and real process with you.

I feel SO MUCH compassion and I my absolute best every day to remember that everyone is doing their best, with what they have, with where they are at in life…


…and I’m not exempt from this. I’m unaware in my own ways. I’m not ignorant, though.

(there is a difference between unaware and ignorant)

So coming from a place of reverence for my own lived experience while simultaneously TRYING MY BEST to understand that they are DOING THEIR BEST

I can only imagine what Muggles in today’s world are going through…

…if they’re even aware of it that is.

(because ignorance is bliss when you’re not aware that pain is even present)

(and heightened awareness, in my opinion, creates a shit ton of pain on the front-end)

Ignorance is the way of the Dreamer (Unaware & Disempowered)

Awareness is the way of the Alchemist (Aware & Empowered)

So maybe you might resonant with the idea of having a friend (or family member) who you love, but you just want to shake the shit out of them so they can see themselves (honestly) in the mirror…

…and then turn around and give them raspberries on their tummy (I’m a Dad to 3) because deep down, there’s a part of them that needs some serious love.

…but you just gotta love them where they’re at.


Because we CARE SO MUCH. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. It’s beautiful…

…which is exactly why we say we are actively “doing the work” and not “thinking about doing the work.


The ultimate point here being that loving people where they are at can look like not shaking the bejeezus out of them, no matter how bad you want to…

…and allowing them to hit their own rock bottom.

Because trying to save them is actually rooted in trying to save ourselves from the pain of watching a loved on ski down a slippery slope.

Which is selfish as fuck, if you think about it and acknowledge the Truth of it.

Remember this formula :

Personal Responsibility + Compassion = Unfuckwithable Energy


"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."

~ Lao Tzu ~

"The journey of awareness is both an inward exploration and an outward manifestation.

It is our responsibility ALONE to choose the path of the Master or the Muggle.

Choice is ALWAYS accessible and available, especially when it might not feel like it.

“You don’t have power. You are power.” - Kevin Walton

As we've navigated through a variety of societal and my own personal struggles, it's important to remember that the power of change resides within us, ALWAYS.

Awareness is not just an understanding of our external environment, but a profound realization of our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and results.

To conclude, I want to share 5 main takeaways from this letter:

  1. A Journey of Awareness: Both self-awareness and societal awareness are necessary for personal growth and societal transformation. If you can spot it, you got it. It’s a two-way street : Projections and Reflections.

  2. Understanding Muggles: Rather than frustration, approach those who seem unaware with compassion and understanding. Remember, we are all on our unique journeys of awakening. It’s okay to want to shake the shit out of them. Just don’t do it (or at least ask permission first).

  3. Question the Status Quo: Always seek the Truth behind narratives and events, especially if it feels like it did with the COVID protocols, mask mandates, or orchestrated events.

  4. Compassion over Rescuing: Empower people to navigate their own paths and personal rock bottoms, rather than trying to 'rescue' them.

  5. Personal Responsibility + Compassion: Embrace personal responsibility and compassion as the foundation for true empowerment and transformation.

PS : You can read other blog posts not featured here online : Mudras & Middle Fingers SubStack

Recommended Reading (To Go Deeper On Your Own)

  1. A Journey of Awareness: "Waking Up" by Sam Harris - an exploration into the nature of consciousness and how to cultivate a scientifically grounded, spiritual life. (Link to the book)

  2. Understanding Muggles: "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle - a guide to spiritual enlightenment, encouraging understanding and compassion for those who seem 'unaware'. (Link to the book)

  3. Question the Status Quo: "Trust Me, I'm Lying" by Ryan Holiday - a book that delves into the manipulative world of media and the importance of questioning what we're told. (Link to the book)

  4. Compassion over Rescuing: "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck - a book that encourages understanding and compassion in the face of life's challenges. (Link to the book)

  5. Personal Responsibility + Compassion: Embrace personal responsibility and compassion as the foundation for true empowerment and transformation. A fantastic resource on this topic is "Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win" by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. This book underscores the importance of leadership responsibility in all facets of life and provides practical guidelines for how to do it effectively. (Link to the book)

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