The Activate Intention Immersion


“This is one of the coolest experiences of my life. Going through this practice with Nathan opened up my eyes to some things that have been blocking my performance as a coach, athlete, and person. I was taken back to my childhood and realized I’ve always been searching for acceptance and validation that I never needed. Thank you so much for this!!

~ Anonymous ~

The path of healing, personal development, and transformation can be disheartening, exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes very lonely...

Trust me, I know...I have been there - and that's exactly why you're reading this now.

It's almost as though that when we wake up, question the world, and shift our life in a more purposeful direction, everything we once knew isn't in alignment and everyone we once knew doesn't quite "understand" us anymore...

Not to mention that being an intentional human being every day requires (and demands) us to be aware, empathic, focused, and sensitive to the nature of our internal reality...

Which sometimes requires SO MUCH energy that we don't have the time, space, or tolerance for the things we once did.

So naturally, we isolate (which can be misleading when we're setting our standards and boundaries), spend most of our time alone (or with nature), and then we find ourselves at some point asking, "Where are MY PEOPLE at?"

We go to yoga, do a breathwork session, dance our face off at an ecstatic dance that a friend of a friend said would be the most fun ever (and it was), but we still crave something after returning back home and lay our head on our pillow...


Where we can do EPIC THINGS on a frequent basis - in person and online - with a community of EPIC HUMANS on a consistent basis, guided and held by EPIC FACILITATORS.

That's EXACTLY why we co-created THE ACTIVATE INTENTION IMMERSION - an 8-hour immersive experience with with all the things that you would find in a micro-event, all stacked in one day for a CONNECTIVE, HOLISTIC, INTEGRATIVE, AND FULL-BLOWN SENSORY EXPERIENCE.

In this experience, we have assembled a team of epic facilitators with diverse backgrounds, vendors from the local area for nourishment (food and drinks), local artists to showcase their work as sights for the space, and YOU - to connect, co-regulate, and collaborate with each another.

That way when you leave, you will feel connected, empowered, and whole - with a COMMUNITY of like-minded, purpose-driven, and heart-led humans beside you.

This invitation is for all who are willing to take their connection to self (and others), expansion, growth, healing, and personal leadership to the next level.

Join us September 17th at 435 Collective, located in Downtown Phoenix, from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM!

"Nathan's passion for total wellness - mind and body, certainly puts him in a category of his own. Not only did I learn more than I've ever learned with past coaches, but Nathan's methods also opened an awareness to my patterns and how to self-correct."

~ Lucinda ~

"Over my 50,000 hours of working with clients one-on-one, I have found that beyond education and experience, what matters most in a practitioner is that they care about PEOPLE. Nathan truly cares about his clients, and about the world at large."

~ Mallory ~

This Experience Is For You If:

  • You are committed to the path of growth, healing, and personal development

  • You are ready to release the blocks that have been standing in the way of you achieving your fullest potential.

  • You are wanting to attend an experience with various methods and creative models of transformation.

  • You crave the feeling of belonging with others who are like-minded, connected, and self-aware.

  • You are passionate about connecting and collaborating with awesome people.

What You Will Receive By Attending:

  • A Safe Space to Express Your Authentic Self

  • Somatic Breathwork

  • Creative Movement / Ecstatic Dance

  • Celestial Sound Healing

  • Powerful Tools to Shift Your State Instantly

  • Local Connections and Meaningful Friendships

  • Guidance, Healing, and Support from Powerful Facilitators in the Local Community

  • Tea Lounge by Gift of Chai***

  • Fully Catered Nourishment by Lyfted Kytchen

  • Social Hour Hosted by Lacuna Kava Bar***

  • Exclusive Bonuses & Gifts

***indicates not included in ticket price

Frequently Asked Questions

  • So what is it EXACTLY that we are doing here at this immersion?

~ This is an EXPERIENCE that is composed of many "journeys" that are designed to bring like-minded individuals together who are passionate about healing, wellness, and connection. Throughout the experience, you'll have opportunities to go within yourself and also work with others who attend, if you so choose. This is an inter-sovereign experience - meaning that you do not have to do anything that you don't want to and you have 100% freedom to choose what you want to participate in from the itinerary above. All workshops are encouraged to get the most out of it, but are not mandatory.

  • What is "shamanic atmospheres" and what does this look like?

~ In shamanism, we use breath, sound, and movement to heal from within. In this workshop, we will be using all 3 to access the core emotions of all human beings to explore different "atmospheres" of our inner world and how it affects our choices and relationships in our external world.

  • Is this event a good fit for someone who is interested in somatic healing but has never attended an event like this?

~ Absolutely! This immersion is carefully curated to be well-rounded so you can get a "taste" of many modalities - other than somatic - that you can explore which are best for you!

  • I'm not used to doing things in big groups. What would you recommend for those who are nervous to be around other people?

~ We are passionate about INCLUSIVITY, SAFETY and NON-JUDGEMENT for the entire community. Although safety is subjective based on the individual, we always do everything possible to ensure everyone has a SAFE experience. We have designated areas for you to be in if you need some "me" time, as well as an experienced support team of expert facilitators.

  • Our scaled pricing model for tickets offer three options rather than one fixed price, making it possible for more people to access the program, supported by the community and those who have access to more resources.

  • The 'Re-Balancing' option helps us provide the scholarships for those in need of greater financial support beyond the scaled model.

  • Please choose the option that feels appropriate to you and your circumstances.

  • You can use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for the event.

  • After payment is completed, you'll receive details for the event 1 week before.