On-Site Coaching & Personal Training

Our extensive experience allows us to guide you to your goals in the most efficient manner possible. Our success stories reflect our ability to empower our clients by enhancing their health, wellness, and lifestyle in order to achieve a higher level of life satisfaction. Unlike traditional on-site coaching, we bring a functional method of approach to coaching and we carefully identify every individual’s exact needs when they walk through our door.

We establish a foundation of mindset. We then implement holistic nutrition and natural supplementation goals. The client’s program is then finished with a carefully constructed program that is tailored to the client’s exact needs that we gather using our unique postural and movement screen.

I have been making consistent progress

My name is Ralph, I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m a managing partner and director with an insurance carrier in Phoenix, AZ. In my past life, I used to be an athlete who played football and competed in powerlifting but I though my heavy lifting days were over after a serious back injury in 2010. I went from deadlifting 660 pounds to barely being able to pick up the bar. In the years since my injury I never fully recovered due to the constant dull pain in my back which hindered my ability to load on the weight I used to lift. After numerous other injuries where my sciatic nerve would get pinched and limit my mobility, I decided to finally do something – I met with Nathan. I realized quickly after my evaluation that I’ve been compensating for my pain by using incorrect form and posture for virtually all exercises which only further exacerbated my lower back issues. For almost 8 years I avoided squatting and deadlifting from the floor due to the immense pain in my sciatic nerve. After 2 months of training I can finally squat, deadlift and generally move better than I have since my high school days. I have been making consistent progress week to week where I finally feel HEALTHY again. It’s only been 2 months but I can say with confidence that I am on the right track and look forward to being overall stronger than I’ve ever been.

- Ralph // On-Site Coaching & Personal Training

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