On-Site Coaching & Personal Training

Our extensive experience allows us to guide you to your goals in the most efficient manner possible. Our success stories reflect our ability to empower our clients by enhancing their health, wellness, and lifestyle in order to achieve a higher level of life satisfaction. Unlike traditional on-site coaching, we bring a functional method of approach to coaching and we carefully identify every individual’s exact needs when they walk through our door.

We establish a foundation of mindset. We then implement holistic nutrition and natural supplementation goals. The client’s program is then finished with a carefully constructed program that is tailored to the client’s exact needs that we gather using our unique postural and movement screen.

I've never met anyone who is as dedicated

Having Nathan in my life has been life changing (truly) and I’ve never met anyone who is as dedicated and knowledgeable as he is within the health and fitness industry. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in human movement and training, but he also has a deep understanding of nutrition and mindset and is constantly using all 3 methods to help each client reach their unique goals. I was experiencing sciatic pain for about a year due to over training – which, of course, I was unaware that I was over training at the time. Not only did Nathan give me the tools I needed to resolve my nerve pain, but he helped lower my body’s inflammatory response and I lost 10 pounds as a bonus. Winner!!!

Nathan has helped me in ways when I was completely unaware that I even needed help, and I think everyone else who has worked with him would say the same. He is someone who cares, who listens, and knows when to push people and when to meet them in the middle. He is able to get people results because he critically assesses, identifies broken links and knows exactly what to do and say to get your body and mind moving as one unit again. If you’re looking to add quality to your life, Nathan would be the one to add. I would highly recommend checking out his Instagram and reading the success stories of other clients. You can’t help but smile!

- Danni // On-Site Coaching

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