3 Reasons Why Training Outside May Be Better For Your Health
October 19, 2018 FITNESS // See All

According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), less than a quarter of American adults get the recommended aerobic and strength training during the week. This, in my opinion, is INSANE

Exercising outdoors will not only get you the required amount of exercise to be healthy, but it will also supply you with these 3 benefits below, all without having to sign up for a gym membership

1. The Peninsula College of Medicine found that outdoor exercise is associated with increased energy and revitalization. This combats the effects of depression, confusion, anger, and tension

2. The University of Essex found that working out can improve your self-esteem and overall well-being

3. Exercising outdoors gives us unlimited access to the sun! This has amazing benefits such as Vitamin D production, which is essential for bone health, metabolic functions, immune function, and endorphin production.


Nathan Kohlerman is the founder of NeuIntention Health and Wellness and has a strong background in health, wellness, fitness, and sports ranging from mixed martial arts, wrestling, football, and bodybuilding. After overcoming addiction, he served honorably in the United States Army for 5 1/2 years and achieved the rank of Sergeant. Being a 100% disabled veteran and having to struggle with years of improper guidance, Nathan made it his mission to empower others with the proper tools to live happier, healthier, more intentional lifestyles. His mission to educate, empower, and inspire others on how to live intentional and healthy lifestyles through mind, body, and soul practices and to redefine human optimization entirely.

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